Dear Crossroads Community ,

While planning for the 2014 festival we wanted to keep a similar plan to last year while ironing out a few kinks. The team wanted to polish the experience before we considered growing in size. Our mission statement was always fresh in our mind:

…to produce an exceptional Celtic music festival featuring musicians of the highest caliber who entertain, educate, and delight audiences with the richness of Celtic culture, while generating new opportunities for regional economic growth.

Many of you might not realize all that goes into a large, decentralized music festival. Ticket sales covered only about one-third of our costs last year. Grants, corporate sponsorships, and personal giving covered the gap. Unfortunately we have not been able to raise the money necessary to fulfill our mission this year. Many of our grants were “startup funds” not available as we entered our second year. Corporate sponsors are cutting back. Many of our venue partners are experiencing declining audiences.

Crossroads puts the musicians first and we can’t risk not being able to pay our artists. We tried to strip down our budget as small as possible but we still couldn’t make the numbers work.

We are proud of what we accomplished in 2013. The feedback you, our audience gave us after the festival was through the roof. We will have to leave that the last note for Crossroads. There is still lots of great music happening in the area and we hope you will continue to support the musicians and our local venues.

A big heartfelt “thank you” from the Crossroads Team for your support.

~The Crossroads Team.