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I am an antique dealer. I buy ancient and vintage articles from all over the world and sell them in America. When it comes to buying classical products having some historical significance or association with royal families, India is always an ideal choice as it was land of kings (Maharajas) until 1947. Be it – ancient clocks, coins, stamps, statues, jewelry, weapons; everything was easily available there.

I was looking for a serviced office in India. My visiting card had my website address and address of my shop which is located in prominent area in America. However, when it came to high priced antiques, sellers showed some reluctance to sell items to a foreigner who did not have permanent address in their country. Since some of the antiques are too precious and command very high priced, they were too concerned about genuineness of the buyer.
It did not take me to long to realize that having office in India was the best way to develop their confidence in me. Renting serviced (well furnished) office in prominent location was the best option for me. I contacted some of the property agents there but I was not convinced about their services.


I was looking for an authentic source to find a serviced office. It was then that one of my acquaintances there recommended a popular website called It contained listings for virtual and serviced offices from a number of countries and happening cities across the world. I browsed through a number of listings. I could compare the rent for different properties. Earlier, I had no idea about the prevailing rent. Now, I knew how much rent would constitute reasonable rent’. I paid visit to some of the serviced offices and finalized a deal for one of them.

Now, I have an office in heart of Mumbai city and employees who manage my business from the office. I thanked my acquaintance who had recommended this website to me. Now, I am looking for serviced office in Japan and have already started browsing listings on the website.

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