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Even from childhood, my mother has always taught me about the importance of homemade food. She would prepare different kinds of salty and sweet breads and we rarely bought industrial bread. But when I started to live with my boyfriend, he was in charge of buying the bread at the bakery every day. That industrial bread tasted worse, was less nutritious and, of course, had preservatives (Don’t believe the labels – each bread on the shelf in the store contains some kind of a preservative). So, I started my research in order to find the best bread maker on the market.

Of course, the retailers had no intention to let me test the bread maker in the shop, so I’ve had to make my own reviews for best bread makers of this product and choose the right one for me. First step in my research was to find some bread maker that has a fast-bake program, and of course, plenty of different options for white, brown and wholemeal loaves. Most bread makers have program for sweet breads or cakes, and you can even make jam or pizza in some models. On the market, you can also find some bread makers with special programs for gluten-free flour. The perfect bread maker must have a timer delay and be able to make bread in different bread shapes. (Read this guide)

After reading plenty of customer reviews and tips on the websites of the most known manufacturers and retailers of bread makers, I found out that the price doesn’t have to be the most important indicator for the quality of a bread maker. The one with a vertical design is usually cheaper. And if your goal is simply to make white bread, you don’t have to pay extra for dozens of functions. When you shop, always look for a longer warranty – even if you have to pay little bit more. They all come with a booklet that has plenty of recipes to get you started.